Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another crappy day

It is yucky and gloomy out. I am sick. At least Kayla and I got our math project more or less done last night. Oh, and yeah. I fucking woke up at 5am. Gonna be a loooong-ass day. At least by waking up so early, I am more or less caught up on my TiVo.
I am ready for the semester to be over, but I will miss being on campus. I like it here. I am happy here. Home stresses me out. I love my family, but... yeah. I am a bad kid. My parents have done nothing but love and support me, and I get annoyed back. I suck. Aaaanywayy...
I am getting my head shaved for charity on Saturday. Huzzah!
OK,this is a lame entry, more interesting stuff to come, I swear. Off to start the day officially.

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