Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a difference a shower makes...

Now, I am in general a fan of water. I love being in water, near water, you name it. Well, I am a Cancer, afterall. I love to swim, to take baths, and usually to a lesser degree, take showers. Usually it's the end result of feeling clean, fresh and ready to start the day which makes me enjoy a shower. However, today I had the perfect shower. The water temp was, for once, perfect. It felt soooo good just to stand under the flow of water. I felt relaxed and did not want to get out of the shower, but since I live in a dorm, I knew I couldn't stay in there forever. Someone would get mad. And I don't want to make people mad right now. I am trying to keep my thoughts positive.
I think I am officially getting done with Nerd 2, or as I know like to call him Blasphemous Dipshit. Yeah. There was a weird exchange on Facebook. Also, methinks he participated in 420, which is an auto turn off for me. Sorry, guys. I know that makes me uncool or whatever, but really not a fan of recreational drug use. Call me lame, it is what it is. Doesn't mean I won't be friends with you if you do participate in such things, I just won't have sex with you.
I am sitting at the Creeper Counter awaiting the lovely Kayla, eating eggs benadict, tater tots and sausage patties. Not the best meal to eat when you're sick, but it is sooooo damn good. The only thing that would make this breakfast better would be watermelon. Mmmm...
OK, that's it for now. See, much better than the last one. Also, I swear, the next one will be video of some kind.

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