Sunday, March 8, 2009

Housing Day

Today is housing day! We all get random lottery numbers and have to vie for a bed on campus. I got stuck with a crap-ass number, and while lamenting the fac that it does not look good for me, the lovely Lindsey offered me to go into a suite with her and some of her friends in Butler Court - one of the nicest buildings on campus. Granted it's completely on the wrong side of campus for my lazy ass, but I'll take it! Hopefully, next year I can get back into the hall I'm in now. The good? It's got a kitchen (YAY!) and it's a lot closer to Wal-Mart. =D I will probably bring my bike next year, too. At any rate, all is good housing-wise. If we can't get into Butler, I still have alternatives, so I won't be without housing. Huge weight off my shoulders.

I have so much shit to do today, and with my freaking ear am having a hard time focusing. I was on such a roll last semester, and now... Bye-bye 4.0 GPA. Right now I am just looking ahead to spring break, and after that the History Club trip to NYC!

OK, done with my ramblings, I have to finish my film class midterm... yay... Have a happy day, y'all!

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