Monday, March 16, 2009

Lame Spring Break

I am sitting in my bed, on my new laptop. Hurrah! It has finally arrived. Videos to come. That is, if anyone cares enough to watch...
So, I'm on Spring Break, and am planning on doing massive amounts of homework, clean my room, and spend some time with my niece. Not the most "WOO-HOO!" Spring Break ever, but I am enjoying the much needed rest at the moment. I went to clean out my closet today, and found little mouse nests and droppings. I'm just grateful that I didn't find a little mouse carcass. Yeesh. I had to toss one stuffed animal that had been gnawed on, but it wasnt't one with an especially strong attachment, so it's OK. My room is still a little messy, due to my laptop arriving mid-clean, but still much more organized than it was 2 days ago.
Wow, how dull is my life that I blog about organizing my bedroom? I could talk about my silly little nerd crush and how I really, really want to make out with him, but, alas, I am "Mama Beth" to all college kids, and he will most likely not ever want to make out with me. I even gave him girl advice. I kinda suck. Well, we've still got 3 years, so... :D
Nothing much else to tell, really. Just chillin' out with my fish. Guess it's off to bed for me. Toodles!

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