Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nerd Sandwiches

The day is winding down. I got into an Owl's Nest suite with four other girls, three of which I just met today. It should be interesting. But, hey, it's a challenge I am willing to rise to! I only hope they all like me. It's important that people like me. Silly, I know, but I don't care for being disliked. No one really does. I understand that it shouldn't matter if people like me or not, but it does. So, yeah, I hope they like me. Hey! I've got the TiVo and tons of plates and stuff - what's not to love?! Also, I am AWESOME. Except... not really. I try, though. I'm just waiting for that fun-filled day when I tell my new suitemates that I'm 30. It's gonna be great!

Dinner tonight was fun. Nerds 1 & 2 were sitting in the same general area. Mmmm... I want a nerd sandwich... OK, this is starting to get a little too porno...

Tomorrow I go to health services in search of antibiotics. Being sick is the pits, and this ear infection is evil. I also would love it if I could stop coughing. I'm such a fucking whiny baby when I'm sick...

Off to prepare for the coming week. I can only pray that I don't lose my shit this week.

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